88 again, 12 to go!

In month of August, when community docs program reached an important milestone of 200 docs. I thought of maintaining some statistics about the program, so I calculated the no. of docs contributed under James Branam (when he managed the program alone), Amit Kumar Saha (when he joined in Sep ’07) and finally, when Amit left and I became the new coordinator.

I found out that the distribution was 50, 88, and 62 (respectively)- summing up to 200 docs. So, it was 62 in 3 months 😉 Well, few days back, i.e. on Sep 30, 2008- Total contributions were 226.

88 again, 12 to go!

That means 26 in 2 months- summing up 62 and 26, we get 88 docs! If you remember, when Amit left the coordinator position, same no. of docs were contributed under him. Don’t worry.. I am not leaving right now.. Its still a long way to go, I hope so!

However, that also means, I need 12 more contributions to make a century here as well. What say? Are you ready to contribute?

Many bloggers are invited and are in progress of writing it, they would soon be out with their documentations. You can also make a difference by contributing a documentation…

So, please do join us and contribute!


4 thoughts on “88 again, 12 to go!

  1. Увлекательно! Только не могу понять как часто обновляется блог?

    Translated to English- “Fun! Just can not figure out how frequently updated blog?”

  2. Ранняя осень – время перемен. Надеюсь, оно не оставит в стороне этот блог.

    Translated to English- “Early autumn – time for change. I hope it does not leave aside this blog.”

  3. Хочется сказать много хороших слов… Очень понравились и стиль, и содержание. Спасибо!

    Translated to English- “I want to say a lot of good words … very good and the style and content. Thank you!”

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