Software Freedom Day was OSUM!

Hello all,

As you know NetBeans Community celebrated Software Freedom Day on 20th September, 2008 and at some places (I am sure about India), local communities celebrating Software Freedom Week, which shall get over by this Friday.

Anyways, as I had told you numerous times, and would tell you again that I was a coordinator of JIIT Sun Club till few months back, and now I am just a member there. Last Saturday, our club also celebrated Software Freedom Day, and same day club was re-launched as JIIT OSUM (pronounced as “Awesome”). OSUM stands for Open Source University Meetup!

Coming Soon: More details, photos of the event..

So, I attended that ceremony and then the members of the club were called on stage to share their experiences they had over past 1 year as an Open Source enthusiast, as the new members of a new team JIIT OSUM introduced themselves before embarking onto various events lined up for the entire weekend.

Following day, i.e. Sunday- 21st,  I conducted yet another workshop on NetBeans Plugin Development, and I was more confident this time, enjoyed every bit of it. Audience were amazing, it was another computer lab, this time being conducted at my university.

So, even without a mic, everything went smoothly. The audience loved it, I loved it- what else do you want?

Anyways, continue to be a part of open source phenomena, as Code For Freedom is back!

“The contest that changed our lives”
– Angad Singh, Varun Nischal


5 thoughts on “Software Freedom Day was OSUM!

  1. Nice some up of your event Nischal.. will post about the entire SFD celebrations on my blog soon.. and yes SFD did change our lives.. hope it changes a lot more lives in a lot better way this time 🙂

  2. Просто замечательно – очень интересные мысли

    Translated to English-“Just wonderful – very interesting thoughts”

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