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100th Blog..

When I was asked to write the 100th blog entry for Varun‘s blog, I was honored. As a regular reader of this blog for a long time, I already knew how  important it is for NetBeans Community, and by agreeing to contribute its 100th entry, I was provided with a wonderful opportunity to pay tribute to the blog and its owner, Varun Nischal. I could blog about a number of things, but I choose to blog about the one thing that connects Varun and me- the NetBeans Community Docs program.

NetBeans Community Docs

The NetBeans Community Docs program has been in existence since March of 2007. A number of community members have played important roles in the success of the program, and Varun has played an especially important role. Taking over as Contribution Coordinator from Amit Kumar Saha, Varun has taken the program to new heights and directions.

I know of no other community member more involved in the NetBeans Community than Varun, and this involvement has strengthened the relation between the Community Docs program and the NetBeans Dream Team of which Varun is a member.

It was under his guidance that Dream Team members became more active contributors. It was Varun who enlisted the help of Kristian Rink and Aristides Villarreal Bravo as evangelists.

And as contribution coordinator, Varun has presided over the three most successful months since the program’s inception. Well done, Varun 🙂

What about the Future?

Looking forward, I see a bright future for the program and for Varun, a time will come, when Varun would want to move on to even bigger things and greater challenges, as any successful coordinator might.

Although someone else will try to fill the Varun’s shoes as Contribution Coordinator, it is certain to be difficult for anyone trying to match the dedication and enthusiasm, Varun has demonstrated since he first started in this position.

I personally hope that he will occupy the position for a very long time. I’m proud to work with Varun and to call him my friend.

Thank You

James Branam, he’s back with a bang for all of you. He’s indeed my final special guest blogger, who was invited to blog the 100th entry. He has transformed into an avid blogger over the years and currently blogs at his Sun blog and some more as well D

James, thank you so much! Its a wonderful feeling to have you blog over here… I will remember this for years to come. Also, would like to thank Adam, Gregg, Geertjan, Fabrizio for writing fabulous blogs!

James Branam is a technical writer for NetBeans web applications. He is also creator and manager of the NetBeans Community Docs program.

He’s helped me grow as an individual in this community, the belief he had in my work, made me more determined to attain success.

He’s been my Guru and would remain forever, no matter where I go and what I do in life. Thanks for believing in me and helping me out whenever it mattered the most!

3 thoughts on “Special Blog for NetBeans Community

  1. В принципе согласен, но есть некоторые ньюансы, которые требуют более детального обсуждения.

    Translated to English- “In principle, agree, but there are some nuances that require more detailed discussions.”

  2. О чём мечтает компьютер, летя с 11-го этажа? Повиснуть…

    Translated to English- “What’s dream machine, flying in the 11 th floor? Hang on …”

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