RIA’s using PHP Support in NetBeans


I have been blogging less on this blog these days, however lets focus back on PHP support after last 2 weeks of silence on my blog, where I had blogged about the workshop I did, and special guest entry.


Rich Internet Applications, really? Yes, you’re right. I am talking about RIA’s, this is something new I am exploring these days. So, as I am already in process of creating a PHP Web Application, backed by MySQL Community Server bundled in XAMPP Web Stack.

Its not on a large scale, neither I am doing it for my college, its something I am using as a base to get back to PHP and that too, using NetBeans 🙂 Support is getting better and better, what are you upto?

So, where’s RIA in my application? Hmmm, actually I came across this documentation last week, while preparing the 4th edition of weekly newsletter. So, I thought of implementing auto-completion, and some more effects I discovered while exploring some Ajax toolkits like Script.aculo.us, Dojo, jMaki, etc.


This is best thing that has happened to me, when I was writing my first ever PHP Web Application last year, for college project. I simulated some cool stuff using Ajax. They were named as (what my friends told me) Accordion, User Authentication, Feeds, Instant Reply, Highlighted Notifications…

I didn’t use any Toolkit at that time, as I didn’t have much time to explore. So, I did every possible thing, I can to get the above functionalities done, in quick time. You might not even like the structure of the application 😐 It became complex, no modularity and some more limitations.


So, coming back to my current project, I am planning to use Auto-complete, some Slide-up/down effects, in-place editing too. Lets see what happens, as I start off again after a gap of nearly 1 year.

Anyways, I am starting off with this documentation, which Petr Pisl and Troy Giunipero pointed out. By the way, I got a mail recently about some bug fixes, nice 🙂 I will try out the latest build, and update my editor hyperlink review.


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