Day 1 | Biker Boyz with Sun CA’s

Day 1- September 5, 2008

It was not just another Friday for me, actually it was a special one, as I was going to attend an event, where I am going to do a workshop. Also, it gives me relief from college work for the weekend 😉

Early Morning

I had to reach Amity along with Angad and Saurabh at 8: 30 AM, event was to begin at 9: 00 AM. So, I woke up early, had my unusual breakfast, which I usually take when I am running late. However, as I had to reach early, this time, I had no time to have a proper meal in the morning.

Long wait…

Now, we had to meet at 8: 00 AM near Shopprix Mall, near my residence. So, I kick-started my bike, its Honda Unicorn, and it took me 2 minutes to reach there 😀 Its not even a kilometer away.

My ex-Sun Club mates made me wait for a long time, I waited for them for nearly 15 minutes. Don’t get angry, they had traffic to counter on their way to our meeting point. So, its OK to neglect that for the moment.

Biker Boyz

I was expecting Angad to come on a bike, as he had learnt biking while he was at IEC, Bangalore doing summer internship. Lol, strange 😛 So, he was one of the Biker Boyz, myself being the other one. However, he came in a car, and no bike 😐

This is me, riding at ease on my way to Amity. Taken by Saurabh from Angad‘s Mobile.

Fast and Furious

No, we didn’t for go this movie. The cineplexes were not open before 11 AM. So, we had no option but to go for the event 😉 Jokes apart, as we were running late, so we step-up the gas, and I went from 0-60 kmph in nearly 6 secs. No, I didn’t use any stopwatch, its what Honda boasts about, and I agree to it, most of the time.

We were going fast, and became furious. While sneaking out of the narrow gaps, and losing no time, in changing gears! Prancing Horse would be proud of us. Yes, I am talking about Ferrari 😛

Time arrived, and so did we

Finally, we arrived the destination, and went inside the campus. Its spread as if it was a city. Really, very big campus.

Then, at 9:00 AM, entered the Sun people and I got a chance to meet Ganesh Hiregoudar and some of the India Student Coordinators. It was an honor to meet him. I was really happy.


After all this dramatic story line, its time for some action. There were not too many events lined up for the day. Still, they were worth attending.

Lightening of the lamp, followed by Saraswati Vandana (prayer to Hindu goddess of knowledge).

Then, followed felicitation ceremony, in which Dr. Ajay Rana, Director, Amity University handed over bouquets to the Sun India representatives and Mr. Mohd. Tasleem.

Introductory Speech

Ganesh, then gave a speech on Sun empowering Amity’s curriculum as a result of their new partnership to impart high quality technical education.

The partnership with Sun will facilitate Amity University to-

  • Impart high quality technical education on Java and Solaris technologies
  • Access to world-wide curriculum on Sun’s technologies
  • Learning Path that is developed with industry-recognized certification
  • Curriculum that reflects the needs of the industry
  • Train-the-trainer programs for the faculty will help ensure that Amity’s faculty are trained on the latest technology.
  • Enhanced visibility for the University on a global scale and enhanced placement and job opportunities
  • Skilled and trained students
  • Opportunity to leverage on Sun’s relationship with partners
  • Access to Sun’s Certification solutions

After that, he also gave away Bouquets, with some Technical Books to the highly skilled faculty of Amity, on the occasion of Teacher’s Day.

Sun Certification Courses

Mr. Anup Nautiyal (National Manager, Sales, Sun Microsystems) delivered a presentation on Sun Certifications on Java and Solaris, what all certifications do Sun provide?

What are the benefits of doing a certification? How to go about it? Practice Exams, Training, Pro-metric centers, etc.

More Events…

There were some more events, however I had to leave for preparing my presentation, and some work at my university.

So, see ya on Day 2.

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Photos by Angad and myself


13 thoughts on “Day 1 | Biker Boyz with Sun CA’s

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  2. this blog was about ur trip to amity or an ad for Honda Unicorn 😛

    anywz.. u people sitting in the front rows… baat to hai beta.. mast hai.. and amity had such a nice audi… i didnt go 😦

  3. Отличный материал, а еще что-нибудь есть по этой теме?

    Translated to English- “Excellent material, but anything else is on this topic?”

  4. Краткость сестра таланта, но хотелось бы прочитать наиболее полный материал.

    Translated to English- “The brevity of the sister of talent, but I would like to read most complete material.”

  5. Какой большой интерес к этой теме, уже на третьем блоге вижу.

    Translated to English- “What a great interest in this topic already on the third blog I see.”

  6. Добродетель есть не что иное, как внутренняя красота, красота же — не что иное, как внешняя добродетель.

    Translated to English- “Virtue is nothing more than an inner beauty, beauty is – nothing more than an external virtue.”

  7. Было бы интересно узнать поподробнее

    Translated to English- “It would be interesting to know details”

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