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During NetCAT, I got a chance to review PHP support, although I had opted for it before-hand, still I just got started last week.

You can read my 4th edition of personal NetCAT Weekly Report. So, Tony and Yudi, reviewed it in early days of NetCAT 6.5, while I was reviewing VW JSF tutorials.

Kickstarter- WordPress Tutorial

Now, some of them are working, though I gave my personal opinions, what I felt after reviewing. By the way, it was Jan Chalupa’s WordPress Project Tutorial, that got me started finally to review PHP docs and editor support, etc.

WordPress Tutorial was a smooth sail…So, was the editor-guide. Though, I found 2-3 issues, reported them to the authors. The guides, as well as, relevant docs are updated for 6.5 Beta! Execute them, review and give feedback, on their mailing list-

Finally, I don’t have to maintain two projects, 1 on Dreamweaver and the other on NetBeans EA for PHP, remember?

Another Surprise!

Yesterday, I downloaded the Java bundle, and couldn’t find PHP support in the Plugin Manager, though I was used to download PHP support during NetCAT on daily builds. This time around, you need to download it separately, as a PHP bundle, which was available earlier too. Still, I got a habit of downloading it through Plugin Manager, in a Java bundle installation.

Anyways, what to do? After all, Habits diehard 😉


This is the reference section, have a look-


Learning Trails-

Quick Start-

sTay Tuned for more…

5 thoughts on “PHP | Interesting Bundle

  1. Why is there only an ‘A’ in the description for this post on the Planet MySQL feed, really annoying because it means that I need to go to the html page to read the post.

    This is what shows up:

    PHP | Interesting Bundle
    Thu, 14 Aug 2008 11:48:03 +0000
    Varun Nischal

  2. Sorry, but its not my fault. There are some issues with the integration of my feeds into their aggregator. I had given them the feedback, though they wanted me to post another post with “MySQL” tag, so that they can look into this issue!

    Now, I have posted something like this, after nearly 2 months. So, I will give them feedback, again today. Hopefully, they should find a solution. I know its annoying, sorry 😐

    However, if you want you, may subscribe to my blog’s MySQL feeds-

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