NUGs | Where’s your JUG?


I came across this Wiki, which listed all NetBeans-related JUG’s across the world. I shouldn’t say ALL, as there were only 3 JUG’s listed there. Disappointing figure, isn’t it? Well, no need to, just go there logIn and edit TO add your JUG details, also you may add your upcoming local JUG activities related to NetBeans in their calendar.

Submit a Talk, News Item, etc.

Currently, listed are from Germany, Indonesia and India… Surprised, well Indians are rocking NetBeans Community since Code For Freedom ’07-’08.

I am also an Indian, and I’m glad to get my campus JUG added into this list-

Yes, I am no more a Campus Sun Club Coordinator. Though, I would continue to be a part of the club as a member. So, hope for the best, as our JUG makes their way into the Community.

By the way, you can also add your JUG details, its damn easy. Visit the Wiki for more details.

C’mon, JIIT Sun Club– rock the world!


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