Day, full of news!


Today, the NetBeans Dream Team page was updated, and I am now one of them. Yes, I was invited to join the team, and had accepted the offer. So, here I am as a NetBeans Community Docs Contribution Coordinator and Dream Team Member!

Second, Jiri Kovalsky, the Liaison officer, Technical Community Manager and NetCAT 6.5 Coordinator. List is surely long and I am sorry If I missed something 😉

Highest Scorer

Today, he announced on demand of certain NetCAT participants, the points earned by every member. It was another shocker for me! I scored 83 points as of 25th July, 3:00 pm C.E.T.

Simply awesome! NetCAT has just completed 2 weeks, we are in for some more surprises, so wait till monday as I come out with 2nd edition of my own NetCAT weekly.

Summer Action Marathon continues…

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