Hyperlink Navigation Renaissance


After lot of discussion on OpenIDE mailing lists, exploring Developer FAQ’s, exerting my wrist, flexing fingers and what not? Finally, hit the deck hard! Yeah, Hyperlink Navigation in NetBeans got smarter! Especially, for HTML documents.

While working on my Internship Project, I came across Hyperlink Navigation Tutorial, on platform.netbeans.org/tutorials!

Recently, I felt that the sample project needs revision, and should implement some more usecases, which are commonly used. Think about rendering of HTML pages on Web Browser, you click on an anchor name, it takes you to the exact position in either same OR referenced document. Also, when you click external links, browser opens New Tab, and presents that page.

Ever thought of having a similar functionality in NetBeans, yes your favorite IDE. Just follow the following tutorial, to master hyperlinking in the IDE.

Have a look at the tutorial

Also, download following plugin, and it would add a sample project with all the code present in it, the one mentioned in tutorial, just Run that module, it will Install in Target Platform, and play with HTML files. Follow the instructions carefully.

Created in 6.0, compatible with 6.0, 6.1, 6.5 (daily builds)!

Samples | NetBeans Modules Project-

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