NetCAT 6.5 Weekly | Report #1


NetCAT 6.5 began on 15th July, I got an unexpected amount of mails, many people (incl. of me) were shocked to recieve such amount of mails. Many newbie’s are taking part this time, even I’m participating for the 1st time!

It wasn’t a problem for the experienced NetCATian’s who are actually termed as NetCAT Veterans.

What I missed…

Jiri Kovalsky, NetCAT Coordinator had given the NetCAT Team, 1st task for the week, and it was a survey, to be taken by us. However, due to some unavoidable circumstances I couldn’t fill it up. Any issues, not at all I lost a chance to gain 5 points! Anyways, more tasks to follow soon and I would hopefully complete those…

What I did…

Answered a lot of mails, queried as well! It was a breath-taking first 2-3 days! Now, I have filtered mails (on my mail account), that I don’t want to read OR irrelevant to me, with respect to this program. Also, my primary focus is on PHP and Documentation (you know why ;)). Soon, I will review docs as well, as there are no at present…

Bugs Filed-
Filed 5 bugs, 2 were resolved for duplicacy 😦 However, 1 of the other 3, getting approved to be fixed for the next Milestone, probably Beta version (not sure, though).

Wrote an article on my other blog- Milestone OR Daily Builds!

New Features

This section would list the features I saw during the past 1 week-

  • Milestone 1
    I am not using it anymore, click it for more info about the features.
  • NetBeans Platform-
    I came across 1 feature, which I had also mentioned in my Milestone blog entry, that it was a bug.
  • Actually, its not… I’m talking about “Install/Reload in Target Platform”. Its an enhancement that has been done for removing redundancy.
  • When you create a Module, and for a preview, you click on the above Menu Item for result. Though, from now on you would see it disabled, and Module will install in Target Platform, only by F6!
  • When the Module is running, see the Menu Item again, now its enabled for Reload. Cool, isn’t it?

NetBeans Builds…

This NetCAT Weekly Report #1, is my personal report on what I experienced during a particular week.
Its not related in any respect with NetCAT organisers.

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