NetCAT 6.5 Begins!


So, we begin, yes I am also now a member of NetCAT Team, more specifically for 6.5 Release!

Day One– Amazing start, great rush of mails, need to keep an hourly check to ease filtering. So many 😐 issues being filed, few enhancement requests, many new members (including me).

Maybe I am just a bit over excited, as its my first day and I guess, experienced NetCAT members would have a better idea, whether its good/bad start…

NetCAT 6.5 Coordinator- He’s the Technical Community Manager, NBIG Coordinator (I guess), and what not…..He’s Jiri (Jirka) Kovalsky. He’s managing this program again.

I myself posted 2 bugs, one of them turning out to be duplicate 😐 More information in my weekly reports. I just downloaded Dev Build (10th July), it has better splash screen than Milestone 1, and some cool features will post about them soon.

By the way, this is the beginning of a new era of blog series, it would be a weekly series, as I will write a report on my experience over here!

sTay Tuned for More…

5 thoughts on “NetCAT 6.5 Begins!

  1. Yes, many emails from the start is normal. Sounds like a good start. I didn’t have time to do it this year, but I hopefully will the next time ;-). Good luck, and thanks for your contributions to the NB community.


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