NetBeans IDE 6.5 Milestone 1


The wait is over, as NetBeans IDE 6.5 Milestone 1, is available for download! Yes, a new version is out, and I am really excited to see new features! Before I go any further, I must tell you what I missed in NetBeans 6.0, 6.1 IDE-

  1. Action Wizard with no scrollbar, was really troublesome, as I had to change my system resolution to 1024 by 768, everytime I wanted to use this Wizard!
  2. Proper Language Integration Framework, there have been a lot of discussion on the mailing lists, on having a unified language integration framework (I am still exploring Generic Language Framework).

Few months back, I have started exploring the NetBeans Platform for RCP and I have recently contributed a lot of documentation on XML Layer! So, the above points are related to NetBeans Platform, as I haven’t used the IDE for any other type of projects for so long!

Also, I missed out on NetCAT 6.0 and CA Survey 6.1! I was new to the community when NetCAT happened, and at the time of Survey, I was having exams! Anyways, I am enjoying dealing with RCP on a daily basis, and hope to make some cool features for the IDE, some day!

What I saw today?

General Changes

The Action Wizard has got a scrollbar, what a relief! Phew… I can feel it, its such an important enhancement, will save a lot of time. Though, I was not able to Install/Reload in Target Platform, it was disabled don’t know why, might be a bug! Plugin Manager had so many new plugins available, support for Scala, Groovy is also there! Many modules from contrib were present as well.

New font colors, for Java source files, XML Layer! I guess the font has changed as well.
FONT resembles the ONE used in Ubuntu!

Hey, I also saw Quick Search Toolbar, Geertjan had blogged about it recently, and there exists Dzone Articles as well. Though, it doesn’t seem to work in the Milestone 1, however expect all these features and many more listed on, to be available in NB 6.5 IDE Beta Version!

Java Editor and GUI Matisse Builder

Better parsing; control over “Qualified Names of Classes“; enhanced visiblity of code; changes in Action- “Encapsulate Fields…”, more options now available such as Insert Point, Sort By, Javadoc

Insert Point
Lets you insert the getter/setter’s OR both, above/below any existing method in code, by selecting an option from DropDown list.

Sort By
Lets you sort the getter/setter’s OR both, to be generated in a specific order, by selecting an option from its DropDown list.

Lets you create Javadoc for your getter/setter’s OR both, by selecting following options from DropDown list –

  1. Create default comments
  2. Copy from field
  3. None

Refer this tips and Tricks, apply those steps in this Milestone, you would see a change. I will update that trick for this Milestone soon!


I would suggest you all to have a look and feel of the IDE, make some sample applications, test, review and give feedback! You may do it more efficiently by participating in NetCAT 6.5! I have applied and waiting for the selection results.

sTay Tuned for More Reviews…


5 thoughts on “NetBeans IDE 6.5 Milestone 1

  1. I installed 6.5 in my pc, but in first hello world project, It gave some exception although working fine, It seems that it is not stable yet.

  2. Shehzad,

    NetCAT 6.5 has begun, its an initiative to release builds, as stable as possible. So, if you’re participating, its cool else file an issue.

    What kind of exception?

    Yes, its not stable yet, generally Beta versions are more stable than Milestones. So, you might have to wait for sometime 🙂

  3. Varun,

    My OS is fedora 8. The exception was like NullPointerException. But after that it worked fine.
    If it happen again i will file issue whatever.

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