NetBeans Quiz | No more Quizzing!


Finally, NetBeans Quizzes comes to an end, the much awaited Grand Finale, promises to be the most spectacular end of a long series of quizzes spanning 11 weeks with 1 quiz per week, 11 winners and 96295 participants!

What amazing statistics! Anyways, time to tell you about the winner of the last quiz;

Week 11 –
Winner: Sourav Agarwal, Prize: Nintendo Wii

Who will win the Grand Prize? Prize: Apple MacBook Air
Wait, as I will unveil the Grand Prize winner over here, next week! Hey, you could still answer quizzes, to be eligible for Grand Prize, yes download the plugin, and answer all the quizzes you might have missed in reverse chronological order!

Sorry, but neither you nor can I participate in the quizzes, which we might have in backlog 😦

Best of Luck!

NetBeans Quizzes – brought to you by NetBeans Guru!

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