Article | Auto-Format in NetBeans


Today, I started off working with JSF Framework, executed a series of well-described, neat tutorials which helped me go through the initial phase easily. Now, I am confident in doing what these tutorials explained.

Anyways, I came across a shortcut key, its Alt+Shift+F, used for Formatting the code present in the editor. Today, I used this key combo, in JSP using JSF Framework and Java Classes, as well.

Remember, how shortcut key’s are registered? This means this action is registered in the XML Layer of some module, as O-S-F.shadow! Anyways, that’s a different issue. Well, seriously I feel why the hell I came across this key, so late…It could have helped me save a lot of time, in many Java Projects I made using NetBeans!

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13 thoughts on “Article | Auto-Format in NetBeans

  1. Do you know how you can change the bracketing style of the Format functionality.

    Netbeans does

    void aFunction(String input){
    //do something;

    But I would like:

    void aFunction(String input)
    //do something;

  2. 2Lenni:

    To change the bracketing style of the Format functionality, go to:
    Then select language=PHP, category=braces

    and select “braces placement”=’new line’

    That’s all!

  3. Is there any way to auto format all files in a project rather opening each individual file and hitting the key combo?#

  4. Hi nbgurus πŸ˜€

    Is there anyway to Format multiple files, such as right click to folder then apply Format for entire folder ?
    I searched then found some plugin (FormatMany, Jalopy…) but they didn’t work on netbeans 7.x 😦

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