Whats the Surprise?


Remember the recent blog series I started on hacking XML Layer in NetBeans Module Development, I told ya that I have a surprise for you people, i.e. the plugin I was working upon.

Time to unveil it to you, actually its been out since yesterday, see this blog entry- http://novicenetbeans.blogspot.com/2008/06/netbeans-snap-it.html

Yes, the snapshots you see my recent series of documentations either on blog OR NetBeans Zone, about XML Layer!

They were taken by Snap It!

Yes, Snap It, its a plugin that enables you to take screenshots from within the IDE. Basically, it tries to emulate the “Take Screenshot” Utility, bundled with almost every Ubuntu Distro. Hey, I saw it on OpenSolaris 2008.05 as well.

So, if its present on your Unix-compliant OS too, you would know, what this plugin do! Anyways, Jay and I, have developed this plugin. So, any queries, suggestions are always welcome!

Currently, plugin works only for Linux, Windows. If it works on your Mac, or OpenSolaris! Do notify us, we would love to hear your problems and rectify them ASAP 🙂

sTay Tuned for More…


3 thoughts on “Whats the Surprise?

  1. Good Job…
    its a useful plugin and i feel will really be helpful when ur working on tutorials and all…
    i would like to make a small suggestion here..
    if u can somehow work on this plugin and develop it to record the screen like a video..then u would be able to create video tutorials..
    what im trying to say is that if there is a record button in your ide which can start recording your activities and a stop button which can stop recording when ur done ur coding..it will automatically create a video of the whole session.
    so in a way u will eliminate the tools like camtasia or similar tools for making video tutorials.
    how nice it would be if the ide itself came with such an added feature.
    think over it 🙂

  2. Thanks, Arunesh!

    Right now, we are working on more features for this utility, your idea is accepted, however it has a lower priority than some other tasks. Yet, sooner or later, we might develop this!

    If anyone willing to create it, please contact me- nvarun AT NetBeans DOT org

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