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Its been a hectic week for me, its just the 4th day of the week, and I am documenting a lot. Though, I made a comeback on this blog, out-of-the-blue! However, I’m enjoying it now, so does the NetBeans Zone users, who are enjoying playing with XML Layer!


I wrote a blog entry, basically another edition of tips and Tricks, this time focus being on NetBeans Platform, and that too, primarily on XML Layer, which is an optional configuration file, for registering actions into the IDE, and much more than that, I guess!

I consulted Geertjan Wielenga, for reposting that entry into NetBeans Zone! He gave me a green signal, so I reposted it here –

It was made public there since yesterday, and I am so happy to see the response, nearly 200 views, 13 Votes Up, No Votes Down! What else, you could ask for? Its titled, “Playing with NetBeans XML Layer Files (Part 1)“. Yes, 2nd part coming soon…Its pending moderation, I guess it would be publish there within this week.

Now, what?

I did blog that on Monday, and within 3 days, I am out with its 2nd part, planning a 3rd part, as well as, contributed 4 tutorials (based on all this stuff) to the NetBeans Community Docs, today! See, how much documenting is taking place, since Monday morning!

Three parts which are being blogged here, would eventually end up in NetBeans Community Docs, expanded into numerous HowTo’s. So, by this weekend you would see, great rush of blogs, tutorials, tips and tricks, howTo’s, and obviously more contributions from community bloggers! Have a look at the updated page on this blog!

FAQs. Do you have the answers? Add them to the User FAQ wiki page or write a short HowTo and link it here.

Thank You!

We are still accepting your contributions for Community Docs, where are you people, c’mon talk to us, have any problem contributing, discuss with us, atleast send in your blog URL to us, so that we can add your feeds to our personal blogs aggregator! Read more…

sTay Tuned for More…


2 thoughts on “NetBeans Zone | Everyone’s Playing

  1. 2 Tips & Tricks AND 2 HowTo’s have been contributed as well, in totality, It was record breaking day for me- contributed 8 docs to Community Docs!

    What do you think? Want to contribute?

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