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Its been a long time, since I wrote any Tricks, even in my latest interview I was asked, whether I am going to continue contributing OR not! Its been over a month, since I wrote my last trick, that was submitted for Student Views and Reviews – blogging contest.

Results have been postponed by a week!

Recently, I came across something special, that you could do with XML Layer, I am taking Module Writing seriously, nowadays! So, I present to you a blog series, with a mix of tipsAndTricks, Tutorials, Articles!

Its based on the exploration I did on registering Actions in XML Layer. There are two types;

  1. Always Enabled (@see CallableSystemAction)
  2. Conditionally Enabled (@see CookieAction)

I don’t know how many posts this series would last for. Don’t worry, the solution to your problems is here! Just wait and watch…

sTay Tuned…


2 thoughts on “Blog Series | XML Layer

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