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Hello all,

I would like to thank Sun Microsystems, for giving students a chance to review their technologies, which might play a major role in their professional career in future.

Anyways, coming back to the point. Just a gentle reminder, on what all entries I have submitted during this contest,

  1. tAT | Passing Arguments Using IDE | 2
  2. dotNet – Installation – NetBeans
    I am back with yet another edition of Quest For Better IDE, this time I would discuss about everything related to installing Visual Studio andNetBeans.
  3. dotNet – Modularity – NetBeans
    Reviewing the Modularity of NetBeans as compared to dotNet
  4. First Look at OSol 2008.05!
    Review – OpenSolaris 2008.05 and xVM Virtual Box 1.6
  5. dotNet – Code Completion – NetBeans
    Discussing NetBeans Code Completion as compared to dotNET
  6. MySQL Admin and NetBeans
    Tryst with MySQL Server, Administrator and NetBeans IDE
  7. Update on Issue #136216
    Workaround for bug reported by me on MySQL Server Node in Database Explorer.

That’s all, I am glad to have participated in this contest. I will continue the dotNet-NetBeans blog series, as well as, come out with new Tips & Tricks. By the way, wish me luck, I might be a winner this time 😉

sTay Tuned for More…

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