Schema Aware XML Hyperlink Support


As I told you earlier, I have recently started my Summer Training, so here I am, announcing about its details on my blog.

Few days back, Gregg Sporar and Roman Strobl got together after a long time, for yet another episode of NetBeans Podcast. I was featured again, this time because of the Internship Project, Geertjan Wielenga making an appearance this time, introduced our project in the dying minutes of the podcast. Earlier, Amit and I were featured just before CFF got over, that time as well because of a project idea we had for NetBeans Innovators Grant. Though, we were not selected eventually.

Coming back to the title of this post, basically its our Internship Project at Sun Microsystems, India. Angad and I would be working as a team under the mentorship of Rohan Ranade, who requires no introduction!

We have submitted an article on this project over NetBeans Zone | Dzone. Have a look, any comments/suggestions are welcome!

sTay Tuned for More… eNjoy Technology…

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