Update on Issue #136216


As I had mentioned in my previous blog entry about MySQL Admin and NetBeans. There, I had ended the post, with a note that I have filed an issue related to MySQL Server Node in Database Explorer.

After exchanging several mails and updating the bug report at Issuezilla. I told David, that I would be looking for a workaround, as he had set the TBD to 6.5 release. I can’t wait that long!

So, I had two options, either hack the code and fix it by myself, and use it. Else, I should look for a workaround.

I am glad that I could find a workaround for this issue. What I did, when I Stop Service using MySQL Admin Tool, run by clicking an option in the context-menu of the Server Node in Database Explorer. I should delete the Node from the Explorer, and then, Start Service using MySQL Admin Tool. Now, switch back to the IDE and click Connect in the context-menu of the Node. See, its that simple!

However, if you use it on a regular basis, it could really frustrate you. Anyways, if you can possibly hack into the code and fix it, do update the bug report, OR post a comment over here.

David has suggested another possible workaround, you could see in the Issuezilla, in my bug report. Also, this issue has now been given priority P2. Click on the link for more details.

Thanks for following! Hope you like the update from Issuezilla, as well as, from my previous blog.

Update 26th July-

Bug was fixed and I was notified long time back, though it was in trunk builds, and I don’t follow those. So, had to wait and meanwhile I forgot, until Patch 2 was applied and someone asked for verification last week, whether it works or not. I am glad it works!

Hope to see the same in NetCAT as well, will review soon!

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