Hey, made it to the PlanetMySQL too!


After getting added to the popular PlanetNetBeans, I added my blog’s Java-specific feeds to the javablogs!

Yesterday, I had applied to the PlanetMySQL. Today, I got reply from one of their employees, that they accepted my blog, validated it.

As I have started exploring about MySQL few days back. I wanted to expand my knowledge base, so this seems to be the best method, other than joining discussion forums.

So, now you can see MySQL-specific feeds aggregated to PlanetMySQL. Hope, some MySQL developers stumble upon and comment.

sTay Tuned for more…


3 thoughts on “Hey, made it to the PlanetMySQL too!

  1. Your feeds aren’t being linked properly from PlanetNetbeans though. If you clicked on the [more…] link, it goes to PlanetNetbeans, not your site.

  2. By the way, I have already exchanged some mails with admin of PlanetNetBeans for this matter, just waiting for his reply. I think its time to remind him again.

    Thanks for the concern!

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