Tryst with MySQL


Today, I started off working with MySQL after a long break. I have tried it before too, using WAMPServer, which had phpMyAdmin to manage the database for website development. I was using it for the first time then, so never really went into much technicalities.

During the past 6 months, NetBeans 6.0 FCS and 6.1 FCS were released. I am glad to use both of them, as both made my work easier than ever before. Just because of the speed which 6.1 provides, I have started shifting from 6.0!

Also, Sun acquired MySQL during this time and I was happy to see this acquisition taking place, as NetBeans would support MySQL database’s as well. It would help me to learn working with MySQL easily, yet efficiently.

NetBeans 6.1 has provided a special download bundle which bundles MySQL Community Server 5.0 and GlassFish V2 Update 2!

I never used MySQL support in NetBeans 6.0, actually didn’t do any sort of database management in NetBeans since 5.5 FCS. Now, I have to create a database application as a semester project. So, I am going to use MySQL support in NetBeans 6.1!

Lets see what happens…sTay Tuned!


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