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During this blog series, the topics covered uptil now have been; History, Installation and Modularity. Now, its time to get started, i.e. start the IDE for software development.

Observation –

I haven’t seen much difference between both the IDE’s, when we run both of them mutually exclusively. Both have almost identical startup time, I have not judged on any statistics, its just an observation!

Neither do I have any tools to judge their exact timings, nor I am that skilled to find such information precisely.

Current Status –

True, NetBeans 6.1 is really faster than NetBeans 6.0 and its previous versions. Similarly, dotNet 2008 is also faster than dotNet 2005 and its previous versions. Individually, current version of both the IDE’s startup quickly than their respective older builds.

Note –
These are my views, as programmer and its upto you to take it seriously or not, but during this series of blogs, I won’t be bias, yet would be fair to both. Its not meant to degrade certain IDE’s image.

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One thought on “dotNet – Startup – NetBeans

  1. As far as I know, NetBeans loads DataObjects of installed modules into memory when it bootstraps thus the time taken at startup is directly proportional to number of modules installed, i.e. DataObjects.

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