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I am back with yet another edition of Quest For Better IDE, this time I would discuss about everything related to installing Visual Studio and NetBeans.

History –

I have started using Visual Studio .NET since 2003 and have felt that its installation is still time-consuming (takes up a lot space too) and even if I want to install individual Express Editions which are available for free, they also have a problem which I have discussed below.

Whereas, I started using NetBeans since its 5.5 version and I was happy compared to dotNet, even though I don’t have so much bandwidth, still I am able to download a fully working IDE (only Java SE, Base IDE) within 30 mins!

Installing dotNet –

Firstly, as you all know you need license to use the full-fledged Visual Studio .NET, else you have other option as well.

Start using Express Editions (they are free 🙂 ), however they have a problem of getting installed via internet connection and that too, I think is a greatest drawback, because firstly we have to download the installer which is approx. 2.7 MB and then run it to get connected to their servers for further downloads (to complete installation), unless you have a bandwidth of atleast 1 Mbps! Its not worth giving a try…

OS Compatability – Windows XP, Vista (Not sure about earlier versions)

Current Status –
Recently, I installed Visual Studio 2008 Express Editions, and I had faced similar problem, though when I would blog about its features, i.e. from developer’s point of view. It would be a sigh of relief for some! 🙂

NetBeans Setup –

How compact can you get, man! There’s a limit, one would say, however there isn’t when it comes to NetBeans Engineering Team which makes sure that you don’t miss out on every possible feature supported by IDE and that too, on your favorite OS!

OS Compatability – Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, Solaris, Linux

The biggest advantage of making up the IDE in Java, has enabled it to be portable. Though, one has to create the installer system-dependent, still the core part that you use is OS Independent!

Installing NetBeans was never a problem for me, as it doesn’t install via internet connection, just download it, run the installer relative to your OS and start working…

I had once installed NetBeans 6.1 Beta, tried its new features and then uninstalled, however the user-directory (.netbeans/6.1beta) was still in place and I had installed some plugins previously, so their information was stored in that folder. Now, when NetBeans boots, it detects whether there exists any user-directory for the current version getting installed. For more info, refer Troubleshooting NetBeans Startup!

Current Status –
I installed NetBeans 6.1 FCS, the latest shipment of NetBeans! Its fast and furious, puzzled? Well, you would get to know soon, in my upcoming blogs.

Note –
These are my views, as programmer and its upto you to take it seriously or not, but during this series of blogs, I won’t be bias, yet would be fair to both. Its not meant to degrade certain IDE’s image.

eNjoy Technology…

This is being submitted for review to the blogging contest – Student Reviews NetBeans 6.1 and OpenSolaris!
Author – Varun Nischal, University – JIIT University

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