dotNet -History of the IDE’s- NetBeans


Before we start, answer me 1 question! When did you for the 1st time came across Visual Studio .NET and NetBeans!

In my locality/campus, people would say they came to know about the IDE’s between 2006-2007 and still there would be many, who don’t know what are these freaks, I mean geeks talking about!

If I say that these IDE’s are just 10 years old, i.e. they came into being in 1996-97! Probably no one would believe it, mainly sports lovers (who became passionate programmers/developers) like me! B’coz, they were busy watching either Euro 1996 OR Cricket World Cup 1996!

Actually, I was giving my 5th grade exams too 😀 Totally unaware of this fact, 10 years later, I would be working on them! I don’t know, why its sounding so filmy, but its the reality and I have accepted it, some might not have realized it yet!

So, lets go back to 1996-97, get a bit nostalgic and see what we missed!

dotNet –

Visual Studio was released in 1997, and it was Microsoft‘s first attempt at using the same development environment for multiple languages, released in two editions. Languages supported – Visual Basic 5.0 and Visual C++ 5.0, primarily for Windows programming; Visual J++ 1.1 for Java and Windows programming; and Visual FoxPro 5.0 for database, specifically xBase programming.

Then, came into being Visual Studio 6.0, Visual Studio .NET (2002, 2003, 2005 and finally, 2008). Gradually, the support for Java went from bad to worse, finally it was removed.

NetBeans –

A project started by a group of students, made in C++ meant to be used in UNIX environment, became “The Only IDE You Need!”, built completely in Java, thus portable too!

It was earlier named Xelphi, i.e. Delphi-like IDE made for UNIX, that’s the reason for the name. This became a business for Roman Stanek, who is a successful entrepreneur in Czech Republic. In 1999, Sun Microsystems took over this project and it was their first sponsored open source project, they decided to maintain the infrastructure, thus the community came into being!

So, the roots lead to C++, so guys brush up your concepts, especially the basics of programming in C/C++ and then, move to Java!

That’s what the historians say, now lets see the current status of these IDE’s!

Current Status –

Currently, dotNET Framework just focuses on Visual Basic, Visual C# (Sharp), Active Server Pages, Game Development (XNA Game Studio, Dark GDK) and SQL Server 2005!

As support for Java got lesser and lesser with every release, finally getting removed from dotNet Framework, on the other hand, NetBeans support for Java went from good to better, and now, its the best!

References –

Note –
These are my views, as programmer and its upto you to take it seriously or not, but during this series of blogs, I won’t be bias, yet would be fair to both. Its not meant to degrade certain IDE’s image.

4 thoughts on “dotNet -History of the IDE’s- NetBeans

  1. well my friend..the IDE’s were always there and you only came to know abt them now…
    i dont understand why ur making it so dramatic but with the dawn of the millenium IT industry was throbbing with developers who were in need of a platform which could provide them with enormous development tools all rolled into one package
    and hence these IDE’s came to life.
    Well its all about the luck of these IDE’s that they survived long enuf for you to try them yourself.
    Anyways i enjoyed reading your blog and would love to read more of it.
    Just stop making everything so filmy and things would be super 🙂

  2. Arunesh,

    Thank you so much! However, its my way of blogging and I love to spice it up, rather than make it dull and boring!

    True, IT industry was booming at the dawn of millennium, still I guess today’s generation I mean students who were going to school around that time, were totally unaware of this, only geeks use to have these information and obviously IT pro’s did knew about this.

    Yeah, thats the point these IDE’s still exists, still they thriving for further development, competing with each other to make our life’s easy!

    I hope you got my point…Anyways, thanks for your comments!

    Have a Good Day! 😀

  3. Varun, lets put it this way can you tell me exactly what the dot net is all about? why these IT companys’ are keeping dot net as first priority? what is the difference between dot net and other technology?

  4. Hi,

    can you tell me exactly what the dot net is all about?

    I think this should answer your ques;

    why these IT companys’ are keeping dot net as first priority?

    I think you need to Google a bit, probably use Google Trends, that should answer your question.

    what is the difference between dot net and other technology?

    Lot of difference is there, again I would say Google about CLR (Common Language Runtime) and JVM (Java Virtual Machine). This would give you some idea on what exact differences are there between these two top-notch environments.

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