NBCD Coordinator


Today, James blogged about me, announcing to the NetBeans Community, the appointment of new NetBeans Community Docs Contribution Coordinator. It feels great to be the part of the team.

I am going to replace Amit Kumar Saha, who needs no introduction, when we talk about Community Docs! He has done a great work for the community and continues to be a great asset to the community.

I would be working with James and Amit, to take Community Docs to a new high! Also, I would continue contributing docs to the community, which I love the most.

You want to contribute, or in need of a particular doc…just drop a mail at my email id – nvarun@NetBeans.org

You may also refer the Quick Start Guide, made for the community, to help new contributors get accustomed to the environment and be able to write the docs in wiki format comfortably.

Hey, we are on the social-networking portals as well, we are available at Facebook, MySpace and have a blog of our own, hosted by Blogger!

Thank You!

Varun Nischal
NetBeans Community Docs
Contribution Coordinator


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