OpenJDK, Mercurial and NetBeans


Recently I came across this website –, and I realised that there was indeed a blog, which was related to building OpenJDK using NetBeans, too.

I am still exploring this new dimension, and really excited to work on the language, which I love the most.

We all know that their source code is version-ed by Mercurial, so I realised one more thing that NetBeans also has Mercurial SCM, so why not “Checkout” their code first.

Did I say “Checkout”? Sorry, actually its “Cloning“, which basically creates the copy of the code (stored at the remote repos) to a local repos on your Hard Disk. I used the NetBeans 6.1 Beta to “Clone Other…”

You may then, use various Mercurial commands to tweak your local copy, and then later on, contribute a patch to the community, when the patch is ready…

eNjoy TechnOlogy…


One thought on “OpenJDK, Mercurial and NetBeans

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