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I visited and saw the latest news from the Community. Firstly, we must congratulate Adam Bien (Java Champion), who won the JAX Innovation Awards for making Greenfire, an open source Java-based heating system regulator.

Then, moving onto the Must-See JavaOne Sessions, this time focusing on Swing Application Framework and NetBeans Platform (RCP).

JSR – 296
Article – Using Swing Application Framework

Finally, its time to vote again! This time at the Great Indian Developer Summit. Please cast your vote for one of the finalists from each category. There are 15 categories in all — 12 product excellence categories and 3 individual excellence categories. You can choose to vote in as many categories as is relevant to your expertise and area of focus.

May 19-23, 2008 | Bangalore, India

May the best Wins! Best of luck to everyone!

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Early Access for PHP!


Well, one would be if he/she is not a regular visitor of NetBeans Community, Forums, Blogosphere, etc. Today, I saw a post on PlanetNetBeans, actually I’m a regular visitor, and go there on a daily basis, to get to know something new and then, explore it.

The post came from Adam Myatt’s Weblog, who mentioned about the release of NetBeans 6.1! Finally, the blazing NetBeans is out!

Booting improved by 40%, thats why it doesn’t launch when we run nb.exe, it boots and that too, at a blazing speed.

So, I visited the downloads section and after nearly 5 months, NetBeans 6.0 has been moved into the Archive section.

I was shocked to see a new bundle (Early Access for PHP – NetBeans Bundle), available for download.

So, I downloaded it and exploring it what its all about. Its been given an interesting name “Early Access for PHP”, I wonder what Development Team meant by that.

Anyways, you also try it out and see what its all about, don’t miss to read the release notes, they are important. Till then, enjoy NetBeaning!

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NetBeans Quiz | Begins!

Are you ready to take on this quiz – – Its the NetBeans Quiz, basically a “fun tech quiz” which tests your skills on various programming practices supported by NetBeans…

Contest had started since 14th April, 2008. On Monday, they would be out with their Third edition of Weekly Quizzes as well.

On the homepage of the website, you would encounter following sections, which are beautifully presented…..great work!

Sections are –

  1. Weekly Quiz Timeline
    Shows you the dates of the current, upcoming quizzes, as well as the Grand Finale.
  2. Your Guide To Win Prizes
    Read the FAQ’s
  3. Prize of The Week

If you want to be the lucky one and win one of the coolest prizes ever, this summer! If you turn to be the lucky one, then see your name here.

Week 1 –
Aditya Goteti, Prize: Apple iPod Touch 16GB

Best of luck & Happy NetBeaning!

NetBeans Quizzes – brought to you by NetBeans Guru!

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taT | Space Around Component…


Recently, a friend of mine encountered a problem with GUI Matisse Builder in NetBeans, he thought its some sort of a bug. However, when I saw it and looked for the solution, both of us were happy and I was glad it was not a bug!

Problem Description –
Shocked by the Title of this post, but the problem concerned with a Editor Context Menu Item, named “Space Around Component…”.

When we launch an application which has certain Window Form’s, we might maximize/restore the window umpteen times. What if, on resizing that Window, some component gets relocated in an awkward position, disturbing the GUI.

Well, there lies a solution to this problem, just open the JFrame Form in NetBeans IDE, goto Design View and right-click the Form to get a Context Menu with a Menu Item mentioned above.

Now, I present to you certain screenshots that would enable you to solve this problem once in for all.

Fig 1. I have created a form, with the above 6 components; 2 JComboBoxes, 2 JLabels, 1 JProgressBar and 1 JTextArea

Fig 2. Tooltip shown above tells you to click on that button (see the button with an eye on it) to Preview Design, rather than launching the Application and testing the Window Form.

Fig 3. This is the preview of that form, you can see the location of JProgressBar, its like that because I had already resized the Window after clicking on Preview Design.

Solution –

Fig 4. Right-click the JFrame Form and Context Menu pops up and you can see the Menu Item, “Space Around Component…” click on it to do the rectification.

Fig 5. Here’s the window which lets you rectify the problem.

As you can see the location of JProgressbar, its located below JTextArea, so what I want whenever Window is resized, the space on the left and right sides should remain same.

Fig 6. After doing necessary changes in that Spacing Window, I again saw the Preview, this time the problem was solved.

Similarly, all the components can be adjusted in a similar fashion, however just keep in mind one thing, that you should see the location of the component and its adjacent one’s too. Then, make suitable modifications.

Hope this helps, if it does, do comment on this post. Thanks for reading it.

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GLF | language.nbs

Following is the default code present in the language.nbs file generated, when you try to add new Language Support.

# code folding

# navigator support
NAVIGATOR:WhileStatement: {
display_name: "$ConditionalExpression$";

# brace completion

# brace matching
BRACE "{:}"
BRACE "(:)"

# indentation support
INDENT "{:}"
INDENT "(:)"
INDENT "\\s*(((if|while)\\s*\\(|else\\s*|else\\s+if\\s*\\(|for\\s*\\(.*\\))[^{;]*)"

# error highlighting
message:"Syntax error.";
MARK:error: {
message:"Unexpected character.";

# code completion
COMPLETION:keyword, operator, identifier, whitespace: {

For further reading, refer to